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Revolutionary technologies of the future ecology!
About E-technology

Reducing the load on the earth’s ecosystem is the key to a successful and profitable future!

E-technology is a recognized leader in the development of energy-saving equipment for mining, as well as in the development of the efficient use of new generation mining systems’ resources.

The beginning of E-technology was laid in 2012 and, initially, our company provided services for setting up, acquiring, storing and maintaining mining systems, which were gaining popularity in those distant years. The popularity of mining was ensured, because even then it was clear that sooner or later cryptocurrency will replace all paper money that are familiar today.

Despite the low complexity of cryptocurrency mining in 2012-2014, there was a tendency to an exponential increase in the load on both miners and the power grid. In addition, mining equipment generated a huge amount of heat, which was absolutely not beneficial.

Thus, already at the beginning of 2015, a special development department was created in our company, the main task of which was to increase the efficiency of equipment, as well as the development of technologies that would reduce the burden on the environment, due to the fact that limited natural resources lead to higher costs cryptocurrency mining, and, as a result, a decrease in return on capital.

As a result, the specialists of our company, together with Chinese manufacturers of mining equipment, developed innovative technologies to reduce electricity consumption by one device by 10 times! In addition, we have developed unique scenarios for the location of equipment in rooms, offices, and even in large hangars to reduce heating costs to almost zero! The innovation of these systems lies in the fact that the owner of the miner can reduce his costs for electricity, and, consequently, for the environment, while he has the opportunity to place his equipment in any room, effectively converting the “negative” heat of miners into “useful” heating!

The first users of our revolutionary systems were large investors with more than one hundred mining equipment units, which significantly reduced their costs and brought our company good profit, but at the end of 2017 there was a cryptocurrency “boom” and the leadership of our company decided to re-qualify activities from a wholesale channel on retail, which also increased the company's capitalization by more than 4 times.

In addition, the annual tightening of environmental standards in several countries of the European Union, the United States of America and Asia more than ever stimulate the development of our company!

In 2019, E-technology launches its own investment area, aimed at preserving the natural resources that are used in vain by miners around the world.

By attracting funds from private investors, E-technology will be able to provide a huge number of miners with environmentally efficient equipment, while receiving in return 50% of the commission from the saved electricity, as well as 50% of the saved money from our customers for heating. In addition, part of the funds of our investors will be directed to the modernization of our own mining equipment, which has more than 30,000 units located in data centers around the world, which will also allow us to pay additional dividends to our investors.

Registration number:

№12111053 Registration Document (PDF)

With all this, it is important to note that the E-Technology LTD company is an official tax resident of the UK and has all the documents of title to conduct its activities!

Company address

5 Fleet Place, Farringdon,
London, United Kingdom, EC4M 7RD

Do not miss your opportunity to live in an environmentally friendly future while having a stable, guaranteed income from our company!

Long-term and profitable cooperation with our investors is the basis of E-Technology!

The revolutionary ecology of the future!

The benefits of investing
in green mining

Lower energy costs

The development of E-Technology allows miners around the world to increase their daily income by more than 5 times!


Most of our innovative systems are located on sensitive facilities, so you can be completely sure of the safety of your funds!

Absolute transparency

Cryptocurrencies allow real-time monitoring of the entire process of their production, so the risk of non-payment of dividends to our investors is absolutely excluded!

Fast payment of profit

Due to the continuous mining of cryptocurrency and the receipt of daily profits from our farms and counterparties, you can start making profits in 24 hours!

Contribute to the development of our shared ecosystem of the future!

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